With a gift in your Will to Mater, you can help change the lives of thousands of people in need.

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Why leave a gift in your Will to Mater?

It will save lives. We know there will always be people in need in our community. Mater’s doctors, nurses, clinicians, researchers and other staff will continue to be there to treat premature and seriously ill babies, young adults, cancer patients, the elderly, disadvantaged communities, the homeless and other people during their time of greatest need.

Your gift can play a crucial role in ensuring our teams can continue to respond when and where they’re needed. Your gift can play a vital role in finding better treatments and cures for diseases like cancer and diabetes that affect so many of our loves ones.

It creates a legacy. Leaving a gift in your Will is one of the most effective and long-lasting ways you can impact a cause that is close to your heart. Whether that is caring for the tiniest babies, or finding a cure for cancer, your legacy will be remembered and will make a difference. 

It's easy. It doesn't take long to make a difference—a simple Will can take as little as one hour to do. 

It doesn't affect your lifestyle today. Making a decision to include a gift to Mater in your Will enables you to consider a gift that you might not be able to afford today, but would love to make if you could. And you can even discuss with the team at Mater how you would like your gift to be used, so you can fully appreciate its impact. 

What kind of gift can I leave? 

Residual gift
A residual gift is a percentage of the remainer of your estate, after debts and provisions for your friends and family have been made. Even a small percentage will make a huge difference. Giving a percentage of your estate also helps to ensure your gift retains its value over time. 

Pecuniary gift 

A pecuniary gift is for a specific amount or a specific asset. It could be a monetary gift, real estate or a parcel of shares, or any other specific item. If you are considering a gift of a specific amount of cash, remember that its value will decline over time due to inflation, so your Will needs to be updated regularly to retain the value of your gift. 

Does this mean my family will miss out? 

Not at all. When drafting your Will, it is important that you make adequate provision for your dependents first. Then you may wish to consider gifts to other family members or friends, as well as organisations you care about such as Mater. 

By leaving a residual gift for example, you will simply by gifting Mater a percentage of the remainder of your estate, after your friends and family have been looked after. 

We always recommend you seek independent advice from a specialist Will maker such as a solicitor, a trustee company or the Public Trustee. 

Who will my bequest help? 

Mothers and babies: your gift will provide care for the smallest, most fragile and vulnerable premature babies cared for in Mater's Neonatal Critical Care Unit which care for around 2000 premature babies every year. 

Cancer patients: your support will help to care for the one in two Queensland men and women who will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Mater's state of the art Cancer Care Centres provide comprehensive, compassionate care for more than 5900 people each year. 

Indigenous, refugee and homeless communities: your gift can help disadvantaged communities gain better access to healthcare through Mater's community outreach programs. 

Future generations: your gift can be used to invest in Mater Research—Mater's dedicated research institute—where researchers and clinicians are working around the clock to improve diagnostics, treatments and ultimately, a cure for life-threatening diseases such as cancer. 

Young adults with chronic health conditions: your gift will help care for adolescents and young adults with chronic and complex health conditions at the Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane. 

Your gift can be designated to support any of the above areas, or you can allow Mater to determine the area of greatest need when the time comes. 

Your gift will help babies like Oliver

Born prematurely at 30 weeks, baby Oliver had only a 20 per cent chance of survival. Oliver weighed just 1.4 kilos and his tiny lungs were so underdeveloped that he was struggling to breathe on his own.
“It was so scary—his lungs had a hole in them and were leaking air,” Oliver’s Mum Rebecca explains.
Luckily for Oliver, he was born at Mater Mothers’ Hospital, where doctors, nurses, clinicians and researchers are leading the way in improving neonatal resuscitation.

As his body started to turn blue, Mater’s expert neonatologist team led by Dr Luke Jardine worked quickly to resuscitate him.

Oliver's story

“In this situation, every single second counts. We cleared his airway, put a breathing tube in, connected him to a ventilator and then worked to get him into Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit as quickly as possible,” Dr Jardine explains.
It was touch and go, but Dr Jardine and his team were able to stabilise baby Oliver, and after two months in Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit, Rebecca and her husband Dan were able to take their baby boy home. Oliver is now a happy and healthy toddler who loves playing with his new baby sister, Lily May.
Oliver is just one of many babies that are resuscitated at Mater every single day.
Some babies need to be resuscitated up to six times in one day.
It’s only with your help that we can ensure more babies like Oliver survive.
*Source: World Health Organisation, 2014
You can help babies like Oliver by leaving Mater a gift in your Will.

Oliver at home

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For a confidential, no-obligation conversation, please call Hilary or Joan on 07 3163 8000 or email bequests@mater.org.au


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