Work fundraisers

Thinking about holding a work fundraiser?

So, you want to get your colleagues together and fundraise for a great cause? Good on you! Have you thought about how you’re going to do it?

Why not turn your fundraising endeavours into a team building exercise and get your whole workplace involved in supporting Mater with these quick ideas:

Most people love cake (or cookies, slice and muffins) and some people are very competitive about baking! Charge colleagues per slice and ask them to vote for a winning baker.
Casual or dress up Friday
If you work in a corporate environment, allow your staff to dress casually (or super formal) for the day in exchange for a gold coin donation.
Morning or afternoon tea
Ask everyone in the office to contribute an item to the morning or afternoon tea (think baked goods, fruit platters, chocolates or even cheese and crackers) for a gold coin donation.
Pie drive
One of the most popular forms of fundraising, many companies now offer a variety of baked goods to cater to all tastes (and dietary requirements).
Raffles are always a winner. Ask everyone to donate an item to go into a hamper and then sell tickets to win it.
Lazy lift
Fine colleagues $1 for using the lift rather than the stairs and get those legs working.
Spot the boss
Collect baby photos, pin them to a board and, for a dollar a guess, let everyone try to work out who is the boss, or who each of the baby pics are.
Dollar-for-dollar matching
Ask your boss to support your fundraising efforts by matching the funds you raise dollar-for-dollar.
Corporate Challenge it
A number of our fundraising events have a special ‘Corporate Challenge’ option which is a great way for companies to inspire and engage their staff to get a team together and support important causes at Mater including cancer research. 

Whatever you decide to do, remember to send out regular email reminders to everyone in the lead up, and place a handy Mater donation box in a prominent position of the office. Contact us to order one at no cost.

We’re committed to working with you to develop long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. We love working with organisations that share our passion for improving healthcare opportunities in our community. Click here for more information on our Corporate Partnerships.

If you have a questions about fundraising or would like to discuss your fundraising plans, please contact our Community Fundraising team on 07 3163 8000 or