Make a lasting impact

Your generous gift towards the Mater Future Fund will help those in need

What is the Mater Future Fund?

For more than 100 years Mater has been able to respond to our community’s healthcare needs with mercy and compassion. But this has only been made possible thanks to ongoing support from people like you.

To ensure Mater is able to continue to provide exceptional healthcare the ‘Mater Future Fund’ aims to provide a permanent, self-sustaining source of income to support world-class healthcare, education and research projects at Mater for generations to come.

The Mater Future Fund is an endowment fund where gifts make up the principal, or corpus, of the endowment. The principal is invested and the income is used to fund continuing programs in health, research and education.  Through prudent investment the principal remains intact, generating an ongoing income stream in perpetuity.


Why did we create the fund?

The Mater Future Fund was created:

  • to provide a stable, ongoing funding source to support health, education and research projects at Mater.
  • to enable Mater Research to attract and retain a high calibre of researchers; and
  • to enable Mater to continue to deliver a wide range of healthcare and clinical programs to the Queensland community.


Our commitment to you

Your generous gift towards the Mater Future Fund will:

  • make a difference that will be felt by generations to come
  • provide a continuing funding source for Mater in perpetuity
  • provide the opportunity for you and your family to create a named fund as a permanent bond between you and Mater
  • allow you to witness the benefits of your gift in your lifetime
  • make a lasting difference to a cause that is important to you
  • allow you to benefit from the tax advantages of giving to a registered charity; and
  • support the future of Mater’s compassionate healthcare in your community


How can your support make a difference?

Mater has existed for more than 100 years to respond to the community’s growing healthcare needs.

These are just some of the areas that could benefit from the Mater Future Fund:

Caring for mothers and babies
Mater is an expert in performing life-saving surgery on babies before they are even born, and cares for Queensland’s smallest, and most fragile, premature babies. Maternity services will continue to be a key area of focus to ensure that Mater is the best possible place to start life.

Cancer Care
Did you know that one in two people* in Queensland will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives? Mater is committed to providing exceptional public and private healthcare to cancer patients and their families. In 2013, Mater opened its first Cancer Care Centre. These centres provide all patients—regardless of their level of health insurance cover—with access to care that is specially designed for their individual treatment needs and provides a comprehensive facility for their cancer treatment including doctors’ visits, chemotherapy and support programs.

Mater has a proud history of innovation in neuroscience, first entering into the field in 1954 with Queensland’s first neurosurgical unit. The Mater Centre for Neurosciences will be a centre of excellence, offering Queensland patients of all ages specialist care in the areas of neurosurgery, spinal surgery, neurology, stroke and advanced epilepsy services—some of which have never before been offered in Queensland.

Young adults with chronic health conditions
The Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane (MYAHCB) opened in March 2015 and provides quality care for adolescents and young adults aged 16 to 25 living with chronic and complex health conditions such as diabetes, cystic fibrosis and inflammatory bowel disease. The centre offers a holistic emotional and educational approach and provides an important role in helping patients transition from receiving paediatric health care services as children to more age-appropriate health services.

Research that enables the prevention and treatment of disease
Medical research is the single most important tool we have in the long-term fight against chronic and life-threatening disease. Mater Research— Mater’s  world-class research institute—conducts internationally recognised research to improve the outcomes for all patients; from newborn babies to the elderly. Collaborating closely with Mater clinicians, Mater Research ensures that findings are taken from the bench to the bedside as quickly as possible and shared globally to improve healthcare around the world.

Community outreach
In the spirit of mercy, Mater continues to respond to the needs of the poor and marginalised; providing specialised healthcare programs and outreach services to Indigenous Australians, refugee and homeless communities.


There are a number of ways you can support the Mater Future Fund. For a confidential discussion about making a gift to the Mater Future Fund please complete the form below or call our Donor Liaison Manager on 07 3163 8000.