Urgent Fetal Heart Machine Appeal

Please give now and help purchase a new fetal heart machine before 30 June

Today we’re launching a new appeal to protect vulnerable premature babies from their greatest threat.

Being deprived of oxygen before and during birth can cause life-long disabilities. It can even be fatal.

Doctors use heart monitoring machines to pick up the earliest signs of distress—shown by a baby’s heartbeat—but there’s a problem.

If the machine is monitoring the mother’s heartbeat instead of the baby's, there’s a risk a baby may become seriously distressed without a doctor knowing.

Thankfully, the next generation of heart monitors are now available and they offer vulnerable premature babies greater protection.

Please help us buy 10 new heart machines for Mater. Ten. That’s how many Mater doctors and nurses need. And the total cost is $158 000. So we need to raise $158 000 without delay.

Because protecting the most vulnerable and fragile patients can’t wait.

Meagan and Nick only wish this technology had existed 12 years ago when their twin boys were delivered. But it didn't.

Meagan unexpectedly went into labour at 27 weeks and she needed an emergency caesarean to deliver her tiny boys. Max and Ben weighed 1.2 and 1.3 kilos at birth. They were rushed into Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit, where they stayed for 86 days.

Finally, they were well enough to come home. But Meagan says, “That was only the beginning of our journey.”

Ben had suffered a severe brain bleed and doctors feared he’d never walk, talk or eat independently. Meagan saw her son Max hit every milestone, while each one was a long struggle for Ben and, at 18 months, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

It’s taken incredible determination, but Ben, now aged 12, can walk, talk and eat independently.

He’s an amazing child, who loves nothing better than going to the races with his grandad.

But Meagan and Nick have seen how desperately vulnerable premature babies are, and they know how hard life is when a child is left with life-long disabilities. That’s why they’re sharing their story, to support our Fetal Heart Machine Appeal.

We need to buy 10 new heart monitoring machines for Mater—so  we must raise $158 000 right away.

Please give as generously as you can to help save the lives of premature babies and protect them from life-long disabilities.