Miracle Max Neonatal Critical Care Unit milestone cards - pack of 18


We’re very excited to share the arrival of our new Miracle Max NCCU milestone cards, featuring 18 milestones specific to babies who spend time in Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit. Milestones include: It's a girl, It's a boy, I met my mum today, I met my dad today, I had my first kangaroo cuddle today, I had my first bath today, I had my first bottle feed today, I had my first nuzzle feed today, I had my first breast feed today, I came off CPAP today, I moved into an open cot today, Today is my due date, I had my feeding tube removed today, I am 100 days old today, I'm breathing on my own today, I reached 1kg in weight today, I wore my own clothes today, I get to go home today.