Christmas Ventilator Appeal

The most important gift you can give this Christmas

You’re doing it now without any effort, and it is keeping you alive—you’re breathing.

Your lungs are strong enough to suck in the air you need, but the tiny, underdeveloped lungs of many premature babies aren’t.

That's why a baby like Oscar—who was born at 27 weeks and three days, weighing just 618 grams—is rushed onto a ventilator.

But the ventilators at Mater Mothers' Hospital (pictured here helping Oscar breathe) are now seven years old and the Neonatal Critical Care Unit needs a new one.

New ventilators now exist to better protect babies, and you could help make it a reality this Christmas. 

The gentlest of touches—that’s what’s needed to get ventilation right. But so much is at stake. Without enough breathing support, a baby will die. Too much and their delicate lungs could be damaged, causing long-term health problems. 

This Christmas, please will you help buy the new ventilator that’s needed to help save lives?

Send your gift now.

Your generous support is needed without delay—because the cost of a new ventilator is $57 725.

You’ll be amazed at what the latest ventilators can do in an area of medicine that is extremely challenging.

The one that you could help buy this Christmas will support several different kinds of ventilation—from traditional to ground-breaking new techniques that are gentler on the lungs of tiny babies like Oscar, and less invasive.

Not only does the new model have the power to support full-term babies with lung complications, but also tiny, delicate premature newborns like Oscar.

So please will you send a gift now to help buy the new ventilator that could keep a precious baby like Oscar alive?

Send your special Christmas gift now.

Day in, day out this new ventilator will help save lives.

Last Christmas, Oscar was at Mater fighting for his life. This Christmas will be his first at home and he will be breathing for himself. But his mum and dad, Alona and Marc, will never forget how close they came to losing him, and they will be thinking of the babies at Mater fighting for their lives on Christmas Day.

Please send your Christmas gift now.

Thank you.