Donors contribute to Queensland’s first 24/7 Pregnancy Assessment Centre

Donors contribute to Queensland’s first 24/7 Pregnancy Assessment Centre

Mater Mothers’ Hospitals officially opened Queensland’s first, purpose-built 24/7, Pregnancy Assessment Centre today, thanks to the generosity of Mater Foundation Brisbane donors.  

More than $1 million was donated to build the centre which will care for all women from the beginning of pregnancy up until six weeks after the baby is born.

In Australia, as many as one in four women expecting a baby experience complications early in their pregnancy—from 0 to 20 weeks gestation—including bleeding and other issues, many of whom present to emergency departments or have to wait to visit their GP.

Mater Foundation Chief Executive Officer Nigel Harris said all donors, including individuals and corporate supporters, should be very proud that they have supported a new service that will positively change the course of care for expectant women in South East Queensland.

“Mater’s Pregnancy Assessment Centre will treat all women, from day one of their pregnancy, at any time of the day or night, which is a first for Queensland and a unique model of care for Australia,” he said. 

“Our donors recognised the importance of this specialised facility to be built at Mater for all expectant mothers and they responded with incredible generosity. 

“On behalf of the Mater Foundation team, I sincerely thank the many donors who contributed to the Centre, whether it was a result of community fundraising activities, corporate donations or individual gifts. You have all enabled the Pregnancy Assessment Centre to become a reality.” 

The centre will welcome its first patients from 27 April. 

For more information about the Pregnancy Assessment Centre, please visit the Mater Mothers website.

Mater Foundation donors (from front left) Maria Clark, Luen Pearce and Tebony Justins celebrate the opening of the Pregnancy Assessment Centre with (from back left) Mater Foundation board member Joseph O’Brien, Mater Foundation Executive Director – Lotteries, Steve Francia and Mater’s Mothers, Babies and Women’s Health Services, Medical Director Dr Mike Beckmann.