Losing their locks in support of women with breast cancer

Losing their locks in support of women with breast cancer

Courtney and Cathy take selfie.Friends Courtney and Cathy have plenty of reasons to want to make a difference. With multiple friends and family affected by breast cancer, and they decided it was time to do something about it.

On 3 May, they're shaving their heads to fundraise to help women with breast cancer through Mater Chicks in Pink. Together, they've already raised more than $2000, with three days to go before they face the clippers.

"My grandma is a three time breast cancer survivor," said Courtney.

"It's a cause really close to my heart. And we really want to make a difference."

Courtney and Cathy were inspired to create their own fundraiser after learning about the work of Mater Chicks in Pink, which provides personalised, practical support to women with breast cancer. The funds they raise will go towards providing support services such as counselling, yoga and art therapy and mastectomy bras for women who have lost one or both breasts, as well as helping to fund life-saving research at Mater to better understand and treat breast cancer in the future.

In addition to fundraising, Courtney and Cathy said they hoped their work promoting their fundraiser would share the mission of Mater Chicks in Pink more widely.

"The more people that know about Mater Chicks in Pink, the greater the impact—so we've also asked our friends and family to spread the word."

If you're interested in creating your own fundraiser to support women with breast cancer through Mater Chicks in Pink, visit the Mater Chicks in Pink website, or get in touch with the team on 07 3163 8000 or by emailing

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