Running for the women in his life

Running for the women in his life

20170625-094510.jpgAfter watching his mother battle with breast cancer twice, knowing that his grandmother passed away from the disease before he was born, and seeing his sister make the agonising decision to have a double mastectomy, Aaron knew he wanted to step up and do what he could to support Mater Chicks in Pink.

“After we found out that our family carries the BRCA2 gene mutation, we all made a big shift to turn our lives around. We changed almost everything from what we ate, to how much we exercised and just made sure that we are going to live life to the fullest” says Aaron.

“My 28-year-old sister has made the choice to have a double mastectomy later this year which is just incredible for such a young person. And even as a male, I’m not out of the clear—I could have a chance of getting this disease and I want to do what I can to help.”

And so 21-year-old Aaron made the easiest choice he’s had to make so far—he laced up his runners, put on a pink singlet and started training for Bridge to Brisbane to support Mater Chicks in Pink.

“The support my mum received from Mater Chicks in Pink was second to none. Not only were they her physical support, they were her emotional support when she needed it.

“I want to run the 10 kilometre Bridge to Brisbane track to show support for my family—finding out we carry this gene has been life changing so I’m doing this for my mum and my sister—the two bravest people I know.

“My goal is to hit $500 and I’m already pretty close to that so my next goal would be to reach $750”.

You can donate to Aaron’s Bridge to Brisbane run happening this Sunday, 28 August, at



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