Costco remain committed to changing outcomes for Mater little miracles

Costco remain committed to changing outcomes for Mater little miracles

We have proudly witnessed the staff at Costco North Lakes and Ipswich work tirelessly year after year to raise funds in support of Mater Little Miracles and change outcomes for mothers and babies at Mater. With their annual token campaign kicking off in September—we are excited to see what they can achieve this year.

Having raised more than $400,000 for Mater Little Miracles since 2015 they have truly shown their commitment to Mater’s tiniest patients. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to partner with such an extraordinary group of people. 

Costco’s continued support allows Mater to give sick and premature babies the best possible start to life.

Babies like Hank, who spent 27 days in Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit after suffering a massive stroke immediately after birth which left him with a quarter of his brain filled with blood and clots. Hank was having multiple seizures and couldn’t breathe, so the doctors placed him on life support.

Within hours, he was in a transport life support capsule and on his way from Rockhampton to Mater Mothers' Hospitals in Brisbane.

Because of how critically ill Hank was, his parents Cass and Aaron, could not travel with their baby boy. They had to make the gruelling 700 km drive down to Brisbane from Rockhampton while Hank flew above them, not knowing if he would even survive the flight.


Cass said "It wasn’t nice to see him hooked up to a wall full of machines and cords keeping him alive. Hank was relying on life support and anti-seizure medication; he was laying there lifeless. One of the hardest waits was the three days it took for test results to confirm that Hank had suffered a stroke just hours after birth. The medical team at Brisbane were incredible and if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn't have Hank in our lives today.

“Hank is a fighter! It’s this determination that kept him going. Our baby had sepsis, a brain bleed, uncontrollable seizures and yet he fought so hard and finally overcame the odds and opened his eyes on day five.

On day seven he started breathing on his own and was able to have his life support removed on day 11. Over the coming weeks we watched as all the cords we removed one by one; he was getting stronger!”


Today Hank is a happy toddler who loves cars, planes, trucks and farm animals, but still has some hurdles to go through. He has cerebral palsy which predominantly impacts his walking and swallowing.

Cass and Aaron remain committed to Hank’s rehabilitation to give him the best possible start in life through multiple medical and support services.

“We are so blessed to finally have our little man in our lives after what felt like a lifetime of waiting”.

We want to thank the Costco teams and their customers for their ongoing support.



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