Miracle Max Club reaches 1000 members

Miracle Max Club reaches 1000 members

Mater Foundation Brisbane is celebrating reaching 1000 members of our new Miracle Max Club!MMClub1000-Feature1-1.jpg

The Miracle Max Club creates a life-long connection for new mothers who deliver their baby in Mater Mothers' Private Hospital Brisbane, or who have their baby cared for in Mater's Neonatal Critical Care Unit.

The face of the club, Miracle Max, is a friend to all babies born and cared for at Mater, and has been making weekly visits to Mater Mothers' Private Hospital Brisbane and our Neonatal Critical Care Unit to brighten the days of family and nurses.

Some of these families, especially those with babies being cared for in our Neonatal Critical Care Unit, will visit daily for many months and with a single wave of his hand or a quick cuddle, Miracle Max makes them smile—which can make a huge difference to their day.

Every baby who is born in Mater Mothers' Private Hospital Brisbane or who has spent time in our Neonatal Critical Care Unit since the March establishment of the Miracle Max Club, has the opportunity to join and become some of the club's very first members.

Upon joining, each baby receives their own free, special edition, Miracle Max plush toy as a keepsake of their time at Mater.

After these Miracle Max Club members have settled into life at home with their family, Miracle Max keeps in touch with the family with occasional emails to check in and to offer an opportunity to send a message of thanks to the doctors and nurses who cared for their baby.

Thank you to all of the families who make up our first 1000 members of the Miracle Max Club!, and to the wonderful staff at Mater Mothers' Private Hospital Brisbane and Neonatal Critical Care Unit who ensure Miracle Max has the opportunity to visit his newest Mater little miracles and their families each week!

For more information on the Miracle Max Club click here or email


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