Little Piper finally prepping for first day of school

Little Piper finally prepping for first day of school

After a slow start to life being born at just 24 weeks into neonatal critical care nearly five years ago, young Piper is speeding through life with nothing stopping her running through the school gates for the very first time.Piper-school-450.jpg

Born 14 weeks too soon weighing only 616 grams, when little Piper Breitkreutz arrived into the world back in 2016, doctors were concerned about her chances of survival and her parents felt immediate stress when she arrived unresponsive.

Put on oxygen assistance and rushed to Mater Mothers’ Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU), baby Piper then relied on assisted breathing to move air in and out of her small lungs, along with blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, and treatment for a number of infections.

With four of her six children having spent time in the care of the NCCU team, Piper’s parents were no strangers to having a baby in need of some extra care but spending a lengthy 117 days in the unit was a struggle for the family.

“We had already spent a lot of time in NCCU with our other children, but with each of them it was different and with Piper, it was very difficult,” Piper’s mum, Amy explained.

“The care she received was wonderful and the nurses at Mater gave us a lot of support, but we had to juggle our other children needing care along with being there for Piper.”

“We were so thankful that after 117 days we could finally go home and be together as a family.”

Now in the midst of prepping for starting school at Logan Reserve State School, Amy said Piper is anxiously awaiting understanding what her new life at school will be like, with Amy feeling very excited to finally see little Piper ready for the big leagues.

“Piper is anxious about going to big school and having to make new friends and I know it’s going to be a very big step for her,” Amy explained.

“It is still crazy to me thinking back to just how little she was at just over 600 grams when she was born and all the extra care she needed through the NCCU, to where she is today as she is getting ready to start school!”

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