Join Marcelle to run or walk for Mater Little Miracles

Join Marcelle to run or walk for Mater Little Miracles

As aunty to a baby born two months early, Marcelle has seen first-hand the battle our tiniest and most vulnerable patients go throughMarcelle-Feature1-2.jpg.

That’s why Marcelle is a proud member of Team Mater for this year’s Bridge to Brisbane, and has already hit the ground running in fundraising for Mater Little Miracles on her fundraising page.

Marcelle’s nephew Shaun (pictured right with Marcelle) was born weighing only 1200 grams, with underdeveloped lungs and infections attacking his tiny body. After battling through his first few months of life, Shaun was diagnosed with an immune system deficiency, and has regularly been in and out of hospital fighting illness and undergoing procedures ever since.

He now receives immunoglobin replacement therapy every 28 days, and calls this his “superman blood”.

“He is such a strong boy and an inspiration to many. He continues to put a smile on his face and tells everyone that he is feeling energised as he has received his ‘superman blood’ … even when he is feeling unwell,” says Marcelle.

When Marcelle signed up to run the Bridge to Brisbane, she saw the opportunity to fundraise for Mater Little Miracles and didn’t hesitate to jump on board.

“Every cent could support research to help babies in future avoid the possibility of life with disabilities, autoimmune disease and much more,” says Marcelle.

“It’s very sad to see babies spending so much of their first few years in and out of hospital when they should be in their own home, enjoying all the love and nurturing from their families.”

For those thinking of taking up the challenge, Marcelle says keeping the cause in mind provides plenty of motivation.

“Every dollar is worth it, knowing that you are helping babies throughout their journey in hospital—or even in the womb—so they can lead a healthy life.” 

If you’re interested in joining Marcelle and Team Mater at Bridge to Brisbane to raise funds for Mater Little Miracles, you can sign up here. There are also a limited number of VIP charity spots available—contact Amy Britten from Mater Foundation Brisbane on (07) 3163 8000 to reserve your spot now!

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