Lions use Newcastle conference to make donation for Mater Research

Lions use Newcastle conference to make donation for Mater Research

A donation from Lions Clubs of Australia, at their annual conference in Newcastle, has provided a major funding boost to Mater Research to continue its leading-edge research into prostate cancer.

Lions Clubs of Australia have donated almost $1 million to Mater Research over the last 12 years and presented a further donation at today’s conference for $209,918.80.

Mater Researcher Professor John Hooper has a long and successful track record of conducting research into prostate cancer and pushing the boundaries of medical science. 

“At Mater Research we are looking at how to prevent prostate cancer and stop it from spreading to the bone.  Also, Associate Professor Kristen Radford’s team is investigating how a man’s own immune system can be used to fight cancer, beating cancer cells at their own game by blocking their defences and targeting cancer cells that have spread to the bone,” Prof Hooper said.

“If diagnosed early most men will have a positive outcome following treatment, but unfortunately at an advanced stage, these men will often have prostate cancer that has spread to the bone, at which time the cancer is currently incurable,” Prof Hooper said.

Lions Clubs of Australia has been a major supporter of prostate cancer research through Mater Foundation for more than 12 years with donations funding leading prostate cancer research and purchasing much-needed research equipment.

“The visionary support of Lions Club Australia is absolutely essential for our cancer research efforts and inspires us to increase our research efforts, allowing us to take a multidisciplinary approaches and to take on new research directions that have the greatest potential but often don’t get funded by mainstream, funding bodies,” Prof Hooper said.

“A clear example is the multidisciplinary effort being undertaken by Mater’s Director of Palliative Prof Janet Hardy whose team is focused on increasing, through world leading research, the quantity and quality of life of men with late stage prostate cancer, and developing better approaches to assist the families and carers of these men at this time.”

As the risk of a man developing prostate cancer before the age of 85 is as great as 1 in 5, this disease is the most common cancer among Australian men after non-melanoma skin cancer. Shockingly, nine men die from prostate cancer every single day.

Lions Club Prostate Cancer Coordinator John Grimstone said prostate cancer had affected many members in some way which had led to strong involvement for the project.

“Our members have really got behind this project and we are thrilled that our contribution is making a difference to the great research work being achieved at Mater,” Mr Grimstone said.

“We hope that, in time, our donations will result in much better outcomes for prostate cancer patients and perhaps ultimately result in finding a cure.  Without the support of Lions Clubs throughout Australia, none of this would be possible.”

Mater Foundation Chief Executive Officer Nigel Harris said the generous donation and the ongoing support from Lions Clubs of Australia were greatly appreciated by Mater Foundation and the thousands of men who suffer from prostate cancer every year.

“The road to success in research is a long one. But every step gets us closer to finding better diagnostics, treatments and ultimately cures for cancer,” Mr Harris said.

Mater Research is a world-class leading research institute driving medical innovation and translating it into clinical care at Mater.

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