Fundraising for the next family in need

Fundraising for the next family in need

Dozzi-Feature1-1.jpgWhen little Luca was born by emergency caesarean in December 2013, his dad Caleb saw first-hand the need for specialist research, care and equipment for seriously ill babies. Here, Caleb shares how his family’s experience has inspired him to fundraise for Mater Little Miracles.

"For my family, the experience of labour and giving birth has been, and continues to be, the scariest thing we have ever been through. For our eldest son, Luca, his story almost ended before it began. After being in labour for 18 hours (and awake for almost 32 straight by this time), my wife, Georgia, received the news we had been dreading. Luca’s heart rate was beginning to drop rapidly, infection was beginning to set in and if we didn’t take action soon, the outcome was looking grim. Despite Georgia’s heroic efforts (as a father and husband I can confirm ‘us Fathers have it easy’) we were whisked off for an emergency caesarean, and Luca’s heart rate was slowing by the second.

Mater Mothers’ Hospital was there when we needed them, unconditionally. They handled our case with care, with positivity and most valuably with success. Less than an hour after heading into theatre, I was sitting there with my wife by my side, Luca in my lap, my head in my hands and an uncontrollable case of the sobs… or more accurately a full blown waterfall show. This was one of the scariest and happiest days of my life. I will never forget it.

While our story has a happy ending, the truth is many don’t. We were one of the lucky ones, we were able to walk out of the hospital five days after Dozzi-Feature2-1.jpgthe birth of our son with smiles on our faces and little Luca John Dozzi sitting in his baby seat. To think or even consider that this is not the experience everyone will have is almost unbearable. Had Mater not been properly equipped, not carried out their market leading research, or not had the dedication of its world renowned team to help us during our greatest hour of need… our story would have had a different ending.

To support Mater Little Miracles is to give the next family their greatest opportunity for success, in their greatest hour of need. To know in some way that we, together, can help fund the necessary equipment or contribute to breakthrough research in neonatal care, or simply save a life and give a family in need their own happy story… well that is beyond fundraising or any charitable effort, it might just be the greatest thing we ever do.

My life on December 12 2013 was always going to change… I’m just thankful it changed in the way it did."

Caleb and the team at Dozzi Financial Advice are aiming to raise $50,000 for Mater Little Miracles to help premature and seriously ill babies get the best possible start to life. You can take part by attending the Dozzi Casino Royale Charity Fundraiser on Saturday 21 July. Find out more about the event here.

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