Go Dry this July

Go Dry this July

We would never ask you to do anything as wild as giving up booze for a month … unless it was for a worthy cause! 

As July edges closer, we are ready to raise a non-alcoholic glass and cheer ‘I won’t drink to that’ inDry-July-MF-Website-1.jpg support of people living well beyond cancer—and we want you to join us.

So, why not ‘knock back’ the drinks for a month and do something that’s not only great for your health but will also have a tremendous impact on the lives of people affected by cancer.

Your support will give more women access to the Women’s Wellness after Cancer Program at Mater, helping them manage the harmful side effects of cancer treatment.

Essentially, you will be giving these women a chance at getting their life back, through targeted lifestyle management, with a focus on exercise, nutrition, stress management and psychosocial support.   

Now that's something we won’t drink to—are you with us?

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