The DAY is here! It’s Mater Giving Day

The DAY is here! It’s Mater Giving Day

ONE DAY is all it takes to change the world. Our world. Our community.
One day. One person. One donation. 
That one DAY is here!MicrosoftTeams-image-3-2.png

Let the giving begin. The DAY to give is underway. The clock is officially ticking!

Today is Mater Giving Day – a 24-hour fundraising event when our whole community can make good things happen for Mater.

Thanks to Mater's generous matching donors pledging to TRIPLE every donation, your extra generosity today will deliver three times the impact to our front line health workers, researchers and educators.

Yes, that's right. Your every dollar... TRIPLED.

Your generosity - tripled.

Your impact - tripled.

Today presents an exciting opportunity for everyone, including our valued community event participants, fundraisers and donors, to once again show they care and say thank you to Mater.

It's easy for anyone to give today – just go to day