Mater nurse’s personal experience as a patient

Mater nurse’s personal experience as a patient

Sally Havers and her husband Jake have their hands full and their lives very much filled with a wonderful, bouncing bundle of joy—their son Angus. 

Sally and Jake were ecstatic when they found out they were pregnant. Everything was normal and Sally’s pregnancy was deemed low-risk. However, Sally started feeling unwell at 25 weeks. 

“I was admitted to Mater Mothers’ Hospital at 27 weeks and 6 days but became too unwell and Angus had to be delivered the next day,” Sally recalls.

"Angus was only 1045 grams and spent 59 days in Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU). "Angus was so small when he was born that he couldn’t even wear clothes. The little water beds in the NCCU helped him stay warm.”

Sally was herself admitted to Mater Adult Hospital Intensive Care Unit after labour and didn’t get to see Angus until the following day. 

“The nurses really went above and beyond; one nurse even wrote me a card from Angus when I was in ICU and he was in NCCU.”

Sally, a Registered Nurse in the medical ward at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane, has worked at Mater intermittently for 10 years.

“This experience with Angus has really given me a newfound understanding and appreciation of the difference we can make to someone’s life as nurses," she said. 

“Being a nurse myself I did understand a lot of what was going on with Angus medically, but I had to leave the decisions in the hands of my nurses and doctors, so it really was a role reversal for me.

“The medical team at Mater Mothers' made me feel like I was part of the team. The whole experience has changed the way I nurse. I now have even more understanding about what my patients may be going through.”

After seeing what his wife and son had been through in Mater’s NCCU and the support given to them by staff, Angus’s dad Jake started to collect donations for Mater Little Miracles.

"Angus celebrated his first birthday last October and we asked everyone to give donations to Mater Little Miracles rather than bring presents,” Sally said.

“We raised $1000 by just asking our friends and family to give. We presented the donation along with a thank-you letter and picture to Mater Foundation.

“The team at Mater Mothers and NCCU were extraordinary and we really wanted to give to Mater Little Miracles as a way of showing our appreciation.”