IGA's long-term dedication

IGA's long-term dedication

IIGA has supported Mater Little Miracles for more than a decade and has contributed more than $2 million to support mothers, babies and children cared for at Mater.

In 2013 alone, IGA raised $292 899 during the Mater Little Miracles Easter Appeal.

IGA has shown great generosity over the years, at store-level through selling Mater Little Miracles merchandise, and also at the highest levels within the organisation.

IGA State Board Chairperson, Brett Bugg said IGA stores are proud to support Mater Little Miracles.

“IGA stores are dedicated to supporting local communities and we have partnered with Mater for a decade,” Mr Bugg said.

“We are proud of this partnership and really enjoy working with Mater.

“Mater Foundation gives back to the community by supporting healthcare and research which benefits many Queenslanders,” Mr Bugg said.

On a personal note, Mr Bugg’s family has a very close connection to Mater.

“My sister Janelle had complications during her first pregnancy in 2004. She was living in Biloela at the time and had initial pregnancy check-ups at the local doctor before being referred to Mater for more tests.

“She had previously been told to expect the worst but Mater doctors were very determined and positive.

“Janelle needed to visit Mater regularly so she spent a lot of time in Brisbane during her pregnancy and even lived with us for a period.

“My niece Grace was born four weeks premature and had problems with her heart and lungs when she was born.

“She was rushed to surgery straight away and my niece spent the first couple of months of her life at Mater.

“Grace is now 9 years old and is a happy, healthy and lovely girl. She truly is a miracle baby.

“Mater did an exceptional job looking after Janelle and Grace.  And our family can’t thank them enough.

“This is my family’s story. I have learnt through talking to our staff and customers that so many other Queenslanders have similar stories about Mater.

“It is amazing just how many families have been supported by Mater. Everyone respects Mater and the great work they do.”

IGA continues to partner with Mater Foundation through the Mater Little Miracles Easter Appeal.

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