Long term donors recognised at this year’s Mater Research Awards

Long term donors recognised at this year’s Mater Research Awards

The recipients of the annual Mater Research  Awards for Research Excellence have been announced.

And this year, two new award categories were introduced to honour the unwavering generosity of Mater Foundation donors Simon and Nell George, as well as Bill Siganto and their families. 

The inaugural awards were awarded to Dr Paul Dawson for his work in maternal and early childhood health research, and Associate Professor Kristen Radford for her work in prostate cancer research. 

Dr Dawson and Associate Professor Radford were also acknowledged for their commitment to Mater Foundation’s mission; through their engagement with our donors, public education and fundraising activities.

Simon & Nell George Award: awarded to Dr Paul Dawson
The Simon and Nell George Award honours the George family’s long-standing support of Mater, particularly in the area of care of neonates and maternal health. 

Dr Paul Dawson was awarded $10 000 in research funding to further his work in early childhood health. One key area of Dr Dawson’s research is investigating the role of magnesium sulphate therapy in reducing the incidence of cerebral palsy in preterm infants. This research has since led to an NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) funded study, which will allow Mater to collaborate with other Queensland hospitals to recruit 1500 babies over five years to further the research. 


Bill Siganto Award: awarded to Associate Professor Kristen Radford
The Bill Siganto Award recognises the generosity of the late Bill Siganto and his family for Mater, particularly in the area of prostate cancer research.  

Associate Professor Kristen Radford was awarded $10 000 in research funding to further her work in prostate cancer. Through this research, Associate Professor Radford has been able to develop a new dendritic cell vaccine for prostate cancer. Together with researchers at Mater Research Institute – University of Queensland (MRI-UQ), Associate Professor Radford lead a study which has developed a prototype cancer vaccine which could have the potential to treat different types of cancer, including prostate cancer. 

Mater Foundation extends a special thank you to the families of Simon and Nell George and Bill Siganto for their generosity.

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