Honouring those babies born too soon

Honouring those babies born too soon

Today is World Prematurity Day—a special day to honour the 15 million babies worldwide who are born too soon each year. 

To honour our tiniest patients, Mater Foundation undertook a range of community activities with their Mater Little Miracles supporters to raise awareness of the day. 

The team held a morning tea to thank the nurses in Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit  (NCCU) and a visit from Miracle Max provided some light relief to parents whose babies are being cared for in NCCU.  

Miracle Max now visits the hospital every week to brighten up the days of families, and more than 800 families are in the ‘Miracle Max Club’ which was established in March this year.

The latest members of the club are Melissa and John Brereton and their son Henry, born more than six weeks premature on 3 November.  

Melissa was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia—a potentially life-threatening condition for both mother and baby.  

After two weeks on bed rest at Mater Mothers’ Hospital, Melissa delivered Henry by caesarean, weighing only 1.37 kg.  

“We are first time parents so it was very scary to go through the complications I had and then to have Henry so early,” Melissa said. 

“He is doing very well and we feel very lucky.  The staff has been amazing throughout the whole ordeal. 

“It’s an emotional time being here so it’s lovely to meet Miracle Max who puts a smile on our face.  We now have this very cute toy which will come home with Henry in several weeks; hopefully in time for Christmas!”  

To mark the day, several NCCU staff wore purple and took the time to light a candle to honour a baby in their life who was born prematurely. 

For more information on how you can support our Mater Little Miracles get home sooner click here.  

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