Generous support breathes new life into Mater's Emergency Department

Generous support breathes new life into Mater's Emergency Department

There is no doubt that the current COVID-19 pandemic is a global healthcare challenge, the likes of which have not been seen since the Spanish Flu swept the globe. In this time of crisis, it has never been so important to deliver specialised care programs tailored to the needs of the community at risk; and to protect the safety of our healthcare workers who are on the front line.Mater-Generic-Emergency-Department-1200.JPG

Uniting the ministries of Health, Education and Research, Mater has helped steer the community through the COVID-19 pandemic, including increasing the capabilities of the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit in securing specialised equipment.

We are grateful to Transurban and the Cory Foundation for their donation to purchase handheld lung ultrasound devices for use in Mater’s South Brisbane Emergency Department.

Thanks to their generosity, Mater was able to test two hand-held devices—the butterfly IQ probe and the Phillips Lumify USS system. Both devices connect to an iPhone, and allow clinicians to detect lung abnormalities quickly, allowing for safe, quick and effective triaging of patients.

Not only will this technology help to detect non-symptomatic COVID-positive patients and patients with other respiratory symptoms, it enables Mater’s doctors and nurses to enhance their skills and knowledge of ultrasound, image interpretation and clinical applications relevant to respiratory disease.

If you’d like to support patient care and clinical training at Mater, you can get in touch at 07 3163 8000.