One step closer to curing Alzheimer’s disease

One step closer to curing Alzheimer’s disease

Every year, generous fundraisers like you contribute to the work of our world-class research institute—Mater Research—which is making significant headway in understanding Alzheimer’s disease.

Mater researcher Professor Geoff Faulkner is investigating the bold theory ‘Is long-term memory stored in our brain’s DNA?’. He is on a five year quest to answer this question as he surges ahead with this ground-breaking research. 

If proven right, his work will revolutionise the understanding of our life blueprint and how we manage diseases like schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s.

So, what is he focussing on? Professor Faulkner’s project aims to better explain the genetics of Alzheimer’s and how the brain works. In previous research he has shown that the DNA in our brains is different to the DNA in the rest of our bodies, and that the most striking differences are evident in the brain’s main learning centres.

With his current project he is proposing that these differences are associated with how we store, and therefore recollect, our long-term memories. Professor Faulkner is testing the idea on brain tissue donated by Alzheimer’s patients to determine if their DNA is involved in memory formation. This very promising research could change the way we look at how Alzheimer’s develops in a person. 

“There are plenty of theories for how we learn, and how memories are stored, but we don’t know for sure how this aspect of the brain is set up and I am incredibly excited at the prospect of finding out,” Professor Geoff Faulkner, Mater Research.

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