Mater Foundation supports study into sepsis

Mater Foundation supports study into sepsis

A landmark Queensland study that has the potential to lower the impacts of sepsis in children is being partly funded by Mater Foundation. 

The study will investigate whether genetics hold the key to faster diagnosis and treatment of sepsis which claims the lives of approximately one million children globally every year.  

The Rapid Acute Paediatric Infection Diagnosis in Sepsis (RAPIDS) study is being led by Mater Research Institute-UQ (MRI-UQ) Associate Professor Luregn Schlapbach, as part of the Paediatric Critical Care Research Group at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.  

The study aims to help clinicians better understand why, and which children, can suddenly become very unwell because of sepsis.  

Sepsis (also knowns as ‘blood poisoning’) is among the leading causes of death in infants and children and was recently identified as a priority by the World Health Organisation. 

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