Neocots will support Townsville’s tiniest babies

Neocots will support Townsville’s tiniest babies

neocots-article.pngEach year the Mater Private Hospital Townsville delivers approximately 50 premature babies and thanks to a donation from Mater Foundation parents of neonates will be a little closer to their babies.

Two neocots have been donated to the hospital which represent the latest technology in care for premature and critically ill babies allowing parents to be closer to their child and more hands on in their care.

Patient Care Manager, Deanna Ward explains the hospital needed the neocots as the current newborn cots were too low which made it difficult for parents to be close to their babies while in the Special Care Nursery.

“The neocots can be moved up and down to the correct height for parents. This encourages parents of neonates in the Special Care Unit to be more hands on in their baby’s care,” Ms Ward said.

“Research has shown many benefits of skin-to-skin contact with premature babies including settling the nervous system, improving cognitive control, regulating body temperature, encouraging sleep and assisting with breastfeeding. *

“There are also many benefits for parents including a decreased incidence of post-natal depression and helping parents to bond with their baby. Parents feel closer to their baby and often spend more time in the nursery.”

Ms Ward explained the cots are multifunctional with room for storage and can be used as a bath allowing parents to do a relaxing activity with their baby.

“The new neocots are a welcome addition to the Mater Mothers hospital and will support families caring for their premature babies,” Ms Ward said.

Mater Foundation Executive Director Andrew Thomas said supporting families of premature and critically ill babies has always been one of the key objectives for the Foundation.

“We are so pleased to be able to support parents this way, Mater Foundation has a long history of supporting neonatal care in South Brisbane and we are delighted to extend that support to Mater Private Hospital Townsville,” Mr Thomas said.