The impact of faith and friendship

The impact of faith and friendship

Tony Cheng had a vision—to open the largest Japanese restaurant in Brisbane, where people could come together to share delicious food and connect with each other.

On 28 August 2021, Tony’s vision came to life. Tenya restaurant opened its doors, with a launch event held with a dual purpose—to introduce Tenya to Brisbane’s dining scene, and to fundraise in support of Catherine’s House—the dedicated perinatal mental health and wellbeing service Mater is working to establish.

Tony was supported by his friends and fellow Brisbane businessmen, Dennis Lin from Health and Plant Proteins, and Stanley Hsu (who happens to be Sister Angela Mary’s Physio!).

And so Tenya’s opening has come to represent an act of generosity, friendship and support for one another and the wider community during times of hardship—to open a restaurant in midst of global pandemic is a bold move, but one made easier with support.

At Tenya’s launch, nearly $12,000 was raised in support of Catherine’s House—an example of what we can achieve when we support one another for the greater good.

Thank you to Tony, Stanley and Dennis—your act of kindness and friendship is not only heart-warming but will also help Mater to meet the unmet need of vital perinatal support to new families.

To find out more about Catherine’s House, visit

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