Phil Hennessy


Large photo of Phil Hennessy

Phil Hennessy—Chairman

Phil was, until February 2013, Queensland Chair of KPMG, Chartered Accountants. After 12 years in that role, and some 30 years being involved in all aspects of corporate debt insolvency and reconstruction, he retired from KPMG in July 2013.

As Queensland Chair of KPMG, he was responsible for the leadership in the Queensland market. This role included operational efficiency, strategic direction, go to market strategy, engagement of the firm’s people, engagement with its clients and its connection to the community.

Phil is currently an independent director and advisor to public, private and not for profit organisations. He is Chairman of Redland Investment Corporation Pty Ltd, Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee of Metro Mining Ltd, Member of The University of Queensland Senate, Chair of The University of Queensland Finance Committee, Chair of the Audit and Rise Committee of Blue Sky Alternative Investements Ltd and a Director of Collection House Limited.