Our Committees

Meet our committees

Our Committees

Our committees are an important part of Mater Foundation Brisbane's governance structure. These committees provide insight and discussion about our programs.

Lotteries Committee

John McCoy (Chair)

Carmel Macmillan

Xavier Kelly    

John Sheahan 

Greg Sheehan  

David Bell

Allocations Committee   

Bill Noye (Chair)  

Prof Maher Gandhi 

Donna Bonney

Ian Wright

Daniele Doyle

Community Fundraising Committee   

Simon Porter (Chair) 

Greg Abbey   

Lynne Elliott  

Carmel Macmillan   

Adam Massey     

Claire Schneider    

Lisa Smith

Prof David Tudehope

Operations, Finance & Audit Committee  

Simon Porter (Chair)   

Phil Hennessy

Bill Noye

Allan Pidgeon  

Laurence Rogencamp