Bella's story

"As Bella taught us, there is always hope"

Born a dangerous two and a half months premature, Rebecca and Joe’s daughter, Bella, decided to come into our world far too early. Doctors gave her just a 20 per cent chance of surviving the rigours of birth.

The situation was desperate, and Rebecca and Joe were heartbroken. But Mater’s specialist team never gave up hope. After all, miracles are commonplace in Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit.

Thanks to the specialist team’s skill and the advanced equipment paid for by generous supporters like you, Bella made it into our world alive. However, weighing just 900 grams—less than a bag of sugar—she was about as delicate as a human can be.

Her parents were overjoyed when their precious baby made it through her first night. And as the hours turned into days, they grew ever more hopeful that their little one would pull through.

Tragically, after five and half months of holding on, and three major surgical procedures, little Bella lost her battle for life—just two weeks before she was scheduled to go home.

Losing Bella was a devastating blow for Rebecca and Joe, and distressing for Mater's Neonatal Critical Care Unit team too, who had come to know their family as friends.

But it is a source of great comfort for Bella’s parents and staff alike to know that their precious daughter’s short time on earth was filled with as much comfort as possible.

And despite their heartache, Rebecca and Joe felt compelled to do something to acknowledge the state–of–the–art care that the Neonatal Critical Care Unit staff were able to provide, thanks to the kind support of people like you.

That’s why, in memory of their beautiful Bella, Rebecca and Joe have decided to share their daughter’s story with you in the sincere hope her short but beautiful life might inspire you to make your impact and help give other tiny and vulnerable babies the best possible start to life.

Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit team were wonderful in their care of Bella and for us, her parents. We are trying to give a little bit back to Mater, and make life a bit better for the other babies and their families, who are fighting their own battles for survival. As Bella taught us, there is always hope.

Bella's mother, Rebecca.

Mater Little Miracles

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