Lucy's story

How a mammogram saved Lucy's life

Lucy smiles into camera.

In 2012, when Lucy went for her first mammogram, she didn’t think much about it.

She was 41 years old, a teacher and the mother of two young daughters.

What she didn’t know at the time was that she had breast cancer and her world was about to be turned upside down. 

“It didn’t feel real; I wasn’t unwell and I couldn’t feel a lump. I just kept wondering how I was going to tell my husband, my children and the rest of my family that I had cancer,” Lucy said.

Lucy had a high grade carcinoma. Measuring 5.5cm by 3cm, it virtually covered her whole breast.

"I'll never forget the moment I had to tell my two beautiful girls. I just felt helpless.”

“Millie said, ‘Mummy, you’ve got cancer haven’t you?’ and I said, ‘Yes I have darling’. She asked if I was going to die.”

"I told them that I had ‘bad lumps in one of my boobies’ and that I would have to have it cut off."

Three months after a full mastectomy on her right breast, Lucy made the decision to go back under the knife to remove her left breast, just in case.

“Every day I would wake up wondering if the cancer had spread to the left side. I couldn’t wait around for it to happen again or go through the emotion of having to tell my girls again,” she said.

I truly would not be where I am today—physically or emotionally—without Mater Chicks in Pink’s care and support.

Lucy, diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012

During her darkest moments, Lucy found encouragement in the support of Mater Chicks in Pink.

"They made me feel loved and supported; they have done so much for me and for my family.”

“I truly would not be where I am today—physically or emotionally—without Mater Chicks in Pink’s care and support. They are my extended family—a family I am so thankful to be a part of.”

Four years on from her diagnosis, Lucy admits there are times she still struggles to come to terms with it all.

"I want to feel like me again, but I'm coming to the realisation that I may not be the same 'me' that I was before breast cancer," she says.

Lucy is now working towards finding her new 'normal'.

"I'm so passionate about raising funds for Mater, for me, and for my girls.”

“I remember my breast cancer surgeon telling me that 30 years ago we didn't even have mammograms. That gives me hope; can you just imagine what we'll all be able to achieve in another 30 years?"

By supporting Mater Chicks in Pink you're helping women like Lucy come back from breast cancer, in ways that are practical, spiritual and above all, very, very real.


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By supporting Mater Chicks in Pink you'll be making an immediate impact on women being treated for breast cancer, by funding tangible and timely support services like counselling and mastectomy bras—at a time when they need it most. Your funds will also support the work of researchers at Mater Research, who are working on the causes of, and developing potentially life-saving treatment for breast cancer.