Melanoma collaborative makes tracks

Researchers continue the fight against melanoma

Through Smiling for Smiddy  supporters, Mater Research has initiated steps to create and develop stronger collaborations with researchers aimed at the prevention and treatment of melanoma.

Having supported the development of the Queensland Melanoma Collaborative, there is now a bi-monthly forum where expert researchers and clinicians from multiple research institutes and hospitals get together from across the state.

These forums are used to not only highlight the latest research, but to explore better ways of working together to benefit those suffering from melanoma.

This has already led to a number of exciting and promising collaborative research projects being planned. It’s hoped that this collaborative will continue to progress and become the vehicle that ensures everyone interested in the research and treatment of melanoma are linked.

It will enable valuable translation of research—from the lab to a patient’s bedside—and ensure researchers are keep abreast of each other’s activities. 

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