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Join Mater Giving Day on 29 June


Mater Giving Day – 29 June - save the day!

Every day, Mater meets unmet need for Queenslanders right across the state.

But on Wednesday 29 June, Mater needs you!

Mater Giving Day is a unique 24-hour fundraiser to make good things happen for Mater.

With your help, we want to hit $1 Million in just one day!

What makes Giving Day even more special, thanks to our incredible Mater donors, is that every dollar you donate will be tripled, thanks to our generous Matched Givers.

To help us continue delivering critical and life-saving medical research, equipment, education and healthcare to our community, we need you!

It’s easy to give— just head to our website mater.org.au/givingday.