Tiny Heartbeats Appeal

Three new heart monitors. Please find it in your heart to help buy them.

Three new heart monitors. That’s what Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit urgently need to buy. It means together, we need to raise $108 000—$36 000 for each machine.

Please, will you help?

Your generous support could mean a new heart monitor, with advanced technology, is soon at a sick baby’s bedside in Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit, doing more than has been possible before.

The new machine will monitor each tiny heartbeat—each little breath. But it will also continuously record their vital signs for five days, and consultants and specialists won’t have to rush to their little patient’s bedside to view the data. For the first time, they can access it remotely and make decisions on what treatment is needed.

Give a gift now to help buy three urgently needed new heart monitors. 

Your generous support could help Mater take the next step forward in the care it offers babies like George, who was born at 27 weeks with a heart defect.

Baby George was very sick indeed. His tiny, undeveloped lungs couldn’t send enough oxygen round his body, especially when he also had a hole in his heart.

For the first three days, he was in constant crisis. It was heart-breaking for his parents, Alinta and James.

Tiny babies like George have to fight so hard for their lives. We need to fight just as hard to give them the best chance.



So please, give generously today to help buy three new heart monitors. 

Little George pulled through, but not all little babies do. That’s why we need your help today.