What's in a touch? A precious moment in time...

With your help, mum can reach out and touch her baby.

After birth, preterm babies who need medical intervention are taken immediately to resuscitation and then, once stable, are transferred into Mater Mothers' Hospitals' Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU) for specialist treatment.

Mum may only get to see her newborn child for a few seconds after birth, as the doctor holds baby up for her to see. Can you imagine how she's feeling?

Mum doesn’t get to hold her baby.

Mum doesn’t get to kiss her baby.

Mum doesn’t get to cuddle her baby.

She misses out on that chance of instant connection with her baby.

Her partner may also be left to choose between staying close to mum—who may need observation or treatment following the birth—or to follow their baby to the NCCU. 


For babies like Sonny, who needed immediate resuscitation after birth, and his mum Jenny, your support can make all the difference.

With your support, a special piece of equipment can be purchased that will allow a mum like Jenny to touch and hold her baby even when urgent medical intervention is required.

Will you please support mums like Jenny to be able to kiss, to cuddle and to hold their baby, by making a gift today?

The equipment is called a 'Giraffe warmer', and when combined with with its accompanying shuttle, it's a mobile resuscitation table which allows clinicians to take the technology of neonatal critical care straight to baby, without taking them away from mum.You can help mum to reach out and touch her baby.

You can help mum to feel her baby’s skin.

You can help mum to emotionally connect with the new life that she has just given birth to.

You can help partners avoid making the agonising choice of staying close to mum or following their baby to NCCU.

To touch a newborn, to hold them, to feel their beating heart is part of the natural rhythm of life. Thank you for your loving and compassionate touch.