Be a change maker

Help Mater revolutionise healthcare for your community

Community lies at the very heart of everything we do. For more than 100 years, supporters like you have enabled Mater in Queensland to identify, develop and grow health services and respond to community need even when no one else will.

This October—as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month—we’re asking Mater people to band together and take action in support of the superwomen with breast cancer.

Did you know 1 in 7 women is diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime*?

These women are our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. 

Getting involved is super simple and you can fundraise completely your way.  Whether it's hosting an event or just setting up a fundraising page and getting the word out to, you can make a real impact for women with breast cancer. 

It’s super fun. And the possibilities are endless!

Together, we can make sure that no woman feels alone while going through breast cancer.

Take action today!  

* Source: AIHW Australian Cancer Database