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Mater Smiling for Smiddy

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Teamwork. Spirit. Mateship.

An extraordinary community fuelled by the values of “teamwork, spirit and mateship”, Mater Smiling for Smiddy undertakes inspiring and life-affirming cycling and triathlon challenge events in support of cancer research.

Held in memory of Adam Smiddy, a kind-hearted physiotherapist and triathlete who passed away in 2006 from an aggressive melanoma, aged just 26, Smiddy’s ‘homemade with love’ community has blossomed into a powerful force for good under the nurturing guidance of Adam’s dad, David, and his late mum Maria.

From cycling an iconic and beautiful location over 3 or 5 days, to taking on Noosa Tri, the world’s largest Olympic-distance triathlon, or joining our legendary ‘road crew’ volunteers in preparing SAO’s, driving support vehicles and dispensing free hugs- there are many exciting ways you can be part of this wonderful Smiddy community.      

Since 2006, Mater Smiling for Smiddy has contributed over $13 million to vital cancer research at Mater—research that has a national and international impact and has driven tangible impacts in immunology, anti-cancer vaccines, the finessing of new drugs and exploration of new ways to lessen the side effects of cancer research.

Smiddy funding has also contributed to the steady improvement of care and treatment for Mater patients, including those with low survival and rare cancers. At Mater’s state-of-the-art cancer care centres, patients benefit from cutting-edge treatments as well as the full spectrum of support services–ranging from counselling and tailored therapy, psychology and physiotherapy. 

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