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The Mater story

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From the beginning to today

Mater Foundation Queensland, as we stand today, is the proud inheritor of a charitable tradition that stretches back to the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley.

Starting with Catherine’s decision to use an inheritance to build Mercy House in Dublin, Ireland in 1824, ‘charity’ and ‘giving’ were an integral part of the development of Mater hospitals.

Philanthropy, and raising funds to help people in need, is in the DNA of Mater.

In 1906 the Sisters of Mercy opened the first Mater Private Hospital in Brisbane’s North Quay, thanks to a donation of £500 from Queensland grazier, Mr William Naughton. 

In 1910 the new Mater Private Hospital was opened on the ten acres of land at Mater Hill, South Brisbane that you see today. The following year, 1911, the Mater Public Hospital opened on the same site. The Sisters had bought the land in South Brisbane in 1893 through funds from public appeals and investments – fundraising efforts that continue to present day. 

From the very beginning, the Queensland community has been with the Sisters of Mercy and that tradition continues today through the public's support of Mater Foundation in Queensland.

More than 100 years later Mater comprises seven hospitals, a number of health centres, a world-class medical research institute and pathology and pharmacy businesses—all with one aim—to provide exceptional care to everyone who walks through its doors. 

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