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The most important gift you can give this Christmas ...

You’re doing it now without any effort, and it is keeping you alive—you’re breathing.

Your lungs are strong enough to suck in the air you need, but the tiny, underdeveloped lungs of many premature babies aren’t.

That's why a baby like Oscar—who was born at 27 weeks and three days, weighing just 618 grams—is rushed onto a ventilator.

Ventilation is extremely challenging because it needs to provide enough support to keep a baby alive, but not so much that it damages their lungs, causing long-term

New technology has delivered a ventilator that will enable doctors to use new methods of ventilation that are as gentle as possible, and keep a sick baby as comfortable as possible, but Mater's doctors need your help to purchase one this Christmas.

This will be the most important gift you can give this Christmas ...

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