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Beryl, 73, has had a cherished association with Mater since being admitted from a country hospital for a diabetes related issue.

During an extended stay on Ward 4 in her teens, Beryl learned how to manage her diabetes through a portion diet and soaked up many other life lessons. 

Across the journey Beryl has confronted several other health setbacks, including kidney concerns, meningitis, open heart surgery and cancer.

During the 1974 floods, with her family house in Jindalee underwater, Beryl presented to Mater by boat and ambulance, requesting Mater as her preferred hospital.

“What makes Mater so special for me is their caring attitude and their commitment. Their standards. Caring, compassionate nursing.”

Having volunteered for decades and remaining passionate about diabetes treatments and awareness, Beryl’s passion for leaving a Gift in Will to Mater is to extend her lifelong contribution across education, research and healthcare.

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