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Before being diagnosed with epilsepy at the start of 2019, Sophie was living with symptoms of the condition for some time.

“My epilepsy went undiagnosed for about five years, easily mistaken by myself and those around me as anxiety attacks.”

Frustrated by the ongoing impacts of epilepsy, Sophie decided to take charge and sought a referral for specialist care at the Mater Centre for Neurosciences.

“Mater’s advanced care team for patients with epilepsy was exactly what I was looking for, and the care I received was exceptional. I continued to trial a few medications; however, I was still resistant to them. This is when the option of surgery arose.

In June of 2020, Sophie underwent life changing neurosurgery to remove her right temporal lobe and half of her hippocampus. The surgery was a great success.

Sophie is beyond grateful for the support she received, both from family and her healthcare professionals at Mater.

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