Meet the people you're helping

How your support has made a difference

Thanks to your support, Mater is able to continue to care for more than 500 000 patients every year. If it weren’t for generous supporters like you, we simply wouldn’t be able to provide care for every person who walks through our doors.

So how does your donation support seriously ill and premature babies, women, men and young adults? Here are just some of the remarkable stories from patients and their families of how your support can make a real difference.

Mum was actually involved in making the memory boxes at Mater for the parents of little babies born prematurely that didn’t survive. Her work would be in thousands of homes across Brisbane now. Buying a ticket wasn’t a hard decision, especially with Mum passing away earlier in the year … and I feel like, that perhaps in a small way, she has had a hand in this.

Karen, Mater Prize Home winner.