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Celebrating Louenhide's collaboration with Mater Chicks in Pink

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Every woman, every day.

Brisbane-based fashion accessories brand, Louenhide, are long-time champions of breast cancer research, awareness and patient care.

Louenhide x Mater Chicks in Pink collection, sold online with all proceeds donated to support women with breast cancer, dials up that philanthropic contribution.

“Breast cancer has affected so many of the women around us,” co-founder Heidi Bailey said. “My mother, my aunt and my cousin have all had breast cancer. Many of my friends through life have battled with breast cancer themselves or lost their mothers to breast cancer.

“We created a collection of products to support these women. We started our range with the idea of a cosmetic case for patients to store their toiletries and other necessities while in hospital. It quickly grew to a small collection of accessories, caps and fun guitar strap, a small cosmetic case, purse, handbags and is ever growing.

“Often in life, we search for our purpose and it is collections like these that make us feel like we are making a difference.

“We want this to be an ongoing collaboration, as breast cancer is not going away. The statistics are very alarming and the quicker we find a cure, the quicker these women will have better outcomes.”

Heidi and co-founder, Lou Kendall, also hosted a fundraiser & collection launch during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2021, donating their first 50 cosmetics bags directly to breast cancer patients at Mater. Since then this initiative has continued to grow and to date have donated over $25,000 in cash proceeds, 650 cosmetic cases to patients, in addition to product prizes and events to support fundraising initiatives across Mater Foundation.

“As a business, Lou and I are motivated to contribute to breast cancer research in the hope to help find a cure for our sisters, mothers and friends,” Heidi said. “We would love your support to make this happen!”