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Catherine Matters

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Catherine matters

That’s why Mater matters

Celebrating her mum’s cancer journey in a beautiful and empowering way is the fuel behind star fundraiser, Annie Murdoch.

Grateful for the life-saving treatment her mum, Catherine, received at Mater a decade ago- Annie loves advocating for Mater Chicks in Pink. She enjoys deepening connections and opening conversations with supporters, who often have their own cancer stories to share.

As a young and active university student, joining the iconic ‘Sea of Pink’ at International Women’s Day Fun Run is the perfect way for Annie to express gratitude.

“It’s something that is really important for me to do -often times it’s possible to be really passionate about a cause but not take it any further, but I wanted to do something that was tangible, and fundraising for Fun Run is such a simple way to do it,” Annie said.

“Fun Run’s an emotional experience. It’s quite overwhelming but in the most beautiful way. You know you’re all there together. It’s so beautiful because there’s so many strong women there to support themselves or their friends or family. It’s really nice to see that. They’re all there as survivors, not victims. The whole messaging is really strong and empowering. Everyone is there with a really positive outlook and it’s really empowering and really beautiful.”

Fundraising for Mater is a family effort -with Annie’s proud parents, Catherine and Jim, also actively involved. Annie’s mindset mirrors Catherine’s her own strength, resilience and willingness to give back to Mater for the quality of care she received during her hardest stages of her breast cancer journey.

“I am so grateful to the Mater, I felt they truly listened to me and my concerns and were prepared to think outside the box and do things a little bit differently. It was absolutely extraordinary, exceptional care.”

Passionate about opening up conversations about breast cancer research, awareness and patient care, the Murdoch family express gratitude and ‘give back’ to Mater through their fundraising efforts for International Women’s Day Fun Run.