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Jan Matters

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Jan matters

That’s why Mater matters 

Jan Celledon never experienced the joy of holding her own baby. 

Instead, Jan is determined to share her love and generosity of spirit with other miracle babies, and to do so has kindly pledged a Gift in her Will to Mater Foundation.

Passionate about helping families with premature or critically ill babies, Jan is grateful for the work of Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU). The specialist teams within NCCU care for over 3,000 babies each year.

“Over the years, Mater has done such a wonderful job in neonatal healthcare. I know further research will continue to help little, premature babies," Jan said.

“I just adore and appreciate what Mater is doing…I’m only too happy to give to an organisation that is absolutely beautiful.”

“I’ve had a very difficult life in many ways, I’ve never known the feeling of conceiving a beautiful child, to be pregnant, which I have always believed is every woman’s right. It never happened to me. But I have always been a very positive and happy person. My positive outlook on life—that’s what has kept me going and that’s why I’ve always turned to helping other people.”

“It truly always has been in my nature to give, to help. It’s just me. I’m a giver and a supporter. It makes me feel good. It’s just something I like to do. Especially leaving something in my Will. If anything deserves something that someone like me can give, it’s the wonderful Mater. I’m only too happy to do it.”

Jan’s kindness matters to Mater. Grateful supporters, like Jan, have embedded philanthropy and raising funds for people most in need into Mater’s DNA. Her pledge will help ensure Mater’s life-saving work in neonatal medicine will continue for generations to come.

Jan has chosen to leave a Gift in Will to Mater to express gratitude and ‘give back’ to Mater in the hope her generosity will help other families experience the joy of a healthy, happy baby.