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Moreton Family's story

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“We included Mater in our Will so others can be as lucky as we are.”

Perhaps it was because Stirling Moreton couldn’t wait to see the world. Or maybe he was eager to meet his mum. Whatever the reason, 14 weeks before he was due, little Stirling decided it was time to be born.

If Stirling had arrived so early, he’d have been unlikely to survive. So his mum, Miriam, was flown to Mater Mothers’ Hospital, where the fight began to keep Stirling safe inside her womb.

It was touch and go. Three times Miriam went into labour, and three times the experts at Mater managed to keep Stirling where he was.

When Stirling was eventually born, he was only a month early. And thanks to the efforts of Mater and Miriam, he was out of our Neonatal Critical Care Unit within a few days.

Today, Stirling is a happy and healthy little boy. But to his mum and dad, he’s a living miracle—a beautiful example of what can happen when we work together to fund research.

That’s why Stirling’s parents decided to add Mater to their Will. They know it’s the best way to ensure our researchers have the funds they need to give children the best chance of survival.

By including Mater in your Will, you can help support the healthcare needs of a new generation.

We’re happy to discuss with you the many ways you can add Mater Foundation to your Will, to ensure that your bequest will achieve what you want it to. 

For a confidential discussion, please call our Donor Liaison Manager on 07 3163 8000 or complete the online enquiry form.

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