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Vian Matters

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Vian matters

That’s why Mater matters

Through the power and beauty of her music, Vian empowers other women who have lost babies, or face adversity along the journey of motherhood, to find their own healing and hope. 

Vian Lin, a concert pianist and composer, hosts fundraising concerts to remember her four RIP babies, and express gratitude for her four subsequent miracle babies.

Attendees, in lieu of tickets, are asked to donate to Mater Foundation. She says, “I’ll keep doing it until I can’t play the piano”.

When Vian’s fingers connect with her piano keys, and its notes land in the hearts of her audience, it brings to life her own personal journey, grounded in the pillars of love, resilience, hope and healing.

“I had a very special case, I lost four babies because I had a tumour before -it was very, very bad,” Vian said. “But you know what, after I had that very bad experience, the doctors and all the team here changed my life. I finally got my babies. I got four healthy, miracle babies.

“I think it’s so important (to give back) because I know how lucky I was to find the right doctors and right facilities. I got the opportunity to have healthy babies but not everybody is like me.”

It is through her music that Vian can share her experiences and express gratitude for her four ‘Mater’ babies -Harmony, Melody, Max and Isabella.

“Mater is the most important part of my life because every day we’re facing four healthy, miracle babies. We call them Mater babies. It’s just amazing.”

“It was very important for me to have a doctor and medical team during my darkest period to say ‘look, the light and hope is just in front of you’ and just pull me out from a dead end.

“I just followed that light and I came to inhale a complete new world -which is hope. Basically, my whole life was transformed and completely different.”

Vian hosts fundraising concerts to express gratitude and ‘give back’ to Mater.