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Back Up the Frontline with a $50 donation today

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Mater Foundation is driving a call to arms for the community to show their support for frontline health workers who are working tirelessly during the nation’s Omicron surge.

Back up the Frontline is a campaign aimed at easing the load for healthcare heroes by providing ready-made, healthy meals to more than 6000 frontline workers across Queensland.

Mater Foundation Executive Director Andrew Thomas said every $50 donation to Back up the Frontline would be doubled to provide a $100 Youfoodz voucher.

“Right now, frontline health workers are physically and emotionally exhausted; they need all the love, energy and support we can muster,” he said.

“The current Omicron surge is seeing a significant increase in hospitalisations and frontline health workers are caring for the community in difficult and demanding conditions.

“Providing a healthy, cooked meal at the end of a gruelling, extended shift in full PPE may not make their work any easier at the moment, but it will lighten the load for them when they finally make it home.

Mater Public Hospital Brisbane Emergency Department nurse Lisa Lawrence said it’s a daunting time to be a frontline health worker.

“It’s a rollercoaster,” she said. “They’re long days and very busy.

“You get very run down. You see a lot of things. It’s not an easy job.

“The big thing with nurses is we help other people, but we forget to help ourselves. We get burnt out – and that’s even without a pandemic.

“Having ready-made meals will make life just that little bit easier for frontline workers like me and those with families at home – little kids, teenagers and husbands.

“It’s a little peace of mind after a long day. It takes a little bit of the home pressure off.”