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Robotic surgical technology changing outcomes for Townsville patients

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Patients at Mater Private Hospital Townsville are undergoing some of the most precise laparoscopic surgeries possible following the addition of North Queensland’s first surgical robot, the $3.3 million Da Vinci XI.

The world-class technology enables less invasive and highly precise surgeries, thanks to a range of features including a 3D, high-definition camera with hand and foot controls, and extreme manoeuvrability of the instruments.

Surgeons are able to operate within a tiny incision in the body using small and highly precise movements, which leads to faster recovery times, better outcomes and a better patient experience.

One of the first patients to benefit, Terrena Pearn, said it was “unbelievable” she was able to go for a walk just a few days after her major surgery.

“Even the next morning when I woke up in hospital, I was sitting up and had brekky in my chair and just didn’t feel anything remotely like the discomfort I was expecting,” Terrena said.

Mater surgeon Dr Scott Whiting said minimal procedures are tremendously benefit for the patient.

“Incisions have traditionally been associated with quite an extensive amount of pain. Not only initially, but also while patients recover. The robot assists us in doing things in a minimally invasive fashion, that means the patient can get back to their life much quicker,” Dr Whiting said.

Thanks to the generosity of our community donors and supporters, Mater Foundation was able to provide $250,000 toward the purchase of the equipment.