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Raystech Group pledge $500,000 for life-changing research and equipment at Mater

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Mater Foundation is delighted to announce a new $500,000, multi-year partnership with Raystech Group (“Raystech”).

On Wednesday, 24 November, Mater formally welcomed Raystech, an Australia-wide renewable solar industry wholesale distributor, in a partnership set to deliver vital funds to various areas of great need within our community.

Raystech was established in 2018 and employs over 40 staff with offices nationwide and exciting plans to expand its operations to New Zealand, Asia Pacific and beyond and become a global leader in its industry.

It is spearheaded by Mark, a nominee of the Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Business Person / Entrepreneur of the Year 2021.

“We warmly welcome Mark and Raystech to the Mater community,” Andrew said.

“Our world-class researchers, clinicians and healthcare professionals rely on the generous support of our partners and supporters and we look forward to strengthening this partnership in the years ahead.

“Mark is an impressive individual with a sharp eye for business and a strong philanthropic and community-minded mindset, so there’s a natural synergy there between both our respective organisations.

“This partnership with Raystech is significant and will further enhance Mater’s delivery of vital research, education and healthcare to vulnerable members of our community and into areas of greatest need.”

Mark’s family have a personal connection with Mater, as Mark’s youngest child was born at Mater.

“We’re thrilled to give back to this wonderful organisation, Mater, and to ensure more resources and funds are attributed to various areas of great need in our shared community,” Mark said.

“We share Mater’s vision for everyday people to care for those in need and look forward to strengthening our relationship over the years to come and driving tangible outcomes for those in greatest need of our kindness and generosity.”

In a partnership set to strengthen over many years, Raystech will focus its philanthropic endeavours toward giving back to Mater and supporting vulnerable communities.

More broadly, this generous support from Raystech will help continue Mater’s commitment to providing compassionate care and meeting unmet need in the community through life-saving research and life-changing equipment to deliver better outcomes.

This includes enabling the best possible start for mothers and babies; investing in critical ground-breaking research; providing excellence in cancer care; supporting adolescents and young adults struggling with their emotional health; advocating for vulnerable refugee communities, the homeless and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.