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Cecilia and John's Story

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Cancer research is a personal motivation behind the generosity of Mater Gift in Will supporters, Cecilia and John Mullane.  

It honours Cecilia’s beloved late brother, Neil, who tragically lost his battle to an aggressive melanoma aged just 25 years and 11 months. 

“Neil was very special,” Cecilia said. “He was a goer… I’ve got so many vivid memories of him.” 

“He was an only boy with five girls. He developed melanoma in 1967, diagnosed in the January, got lots of treatment. The lumps came out on him, all over this body. The melanoma got to him and the lumps came up everywhere -on his neck, but it never got to his beautiful face.” 

“We have discussed changing our Will to include leaving a Gift to the Mater Hospital for research into cancers of all types, particularly melanoma which is close to our heart, but to improve health of any cancer sufferer that comes through the Mater.” 

“We’re hoping our contribution could enable someone else to live a more fulfilling life and to carry on and enhance the support of the researchers into whatever work they continue to do. While melanoma was the closest to us, we’d like to support any type of cancer research.” 

Cecilia, one of six McShane children all born at Mater, has enjoyed a 77-year association with Mater and advocates for its delivery of compassionate care and dignity for all. 

Cecilia and John’s eldest daughter, Michelle, was also born at Mater on October 24, 1972, one day after Neil’s anniversary. 

“Mater was a major support for our family. Especially when we lived at Yeronga, it was the hospital to go to, and it stayed in our blood ever since. 

“Even though we moved to the northside, the Mater still meant a lot and was the place to go to for help, support, comfort and knowledge that you’re always being cared for. 

“I remember going to the bus stop at five o’clock in the afternoon in my dressing gown and pyjamas and getting on the bus from Yeronga to go to Mater to get my tonsils out.” 

Writing a Will empowers you to reflect upon your achievements and values, consider your legacy and choose what you’d like to pass on to the next generation. It also offers a sense of fulfilment with the knowledge that you have honoured your values and – should you opt to do so – supported Mater’s ability to meet unmet community need.  

A Gift in your Will to Mater enables you to leave a lasting legacy, empowering people to live better lives through improved health and well-being. And you can be assured Mater’s mission will continue in the future – perhaps enhanced by your support.